Friday, June 12, 2009

Then Came Germany!

So we finally arrived in Germany after an all night flight. It was so cool to be in Germany, I had to keep reminding myself. So we got our bags and went and bought some train tickets to get from Munich to out Bed & Breakfast out near a town called Fussen. Mason was so good at figuring out the trains and which one was what to catch. we decided to stop at one of the stations in between Munich and our destination for some lunch our first in Germany. It was good baguette sandwiches with tomato and mozzarella cheese and basil, with some good water and chips. then we got back on a train and took our ride to Fussen. The countryside was so beautiful and we got our first glipses of the neuschwanstein castle! our train arrived and we caught a bus up to our Bed & breakfast below the castle. we got there and they lady who owns it greeted us and gave us some yummy orange juice, I guess she could tell how tired and worn out we were from the traveling. Then she told us breakfast was everymorning from 7:30 to 9:30am and showed us to our room. our room was so nice and cozy with french doors that led out to the deck with a beautiful view of the castle. we put our stuff down addmired how lucky we were and how beautiful Germany is and I laid down on the bed and didnt wake up untill 9pm. of course when i woke up from the crazy time difference Mason and I both thought it was the middle of the night and could not sleep it was a cool night though and it was raining and the castle was all lit up. So we put on Harry Potter till we got tired and then woke up early to get breakfast, which was so good. It consisted of hard boiled eggs, rolls with either jam of honey, hot chocolate for me and coffee for Mason, yogurt and cheeses. Everyday she told us to take the leftover rolls and cheese and make sandwiches for lunch which we did and ate everyday for lunch. that first day we wanted to go explore the town of Fussen so Mason and i walked to where the bus had droped us off the day before and waited, but we couldnt figure out the bus scheduale so we decided to walk to Fussen on a path through the black forest. It turned out to be such a fun advernture finding a lake and dock, and finding a cool hobbit hole looking door. Finally we hoped we had arrived in Fussen and realized we did. The streets were all cobblestone, and there was a neat little souviner shop we spent most of our time and money in :). we ate our rolls and cheese lunch by a fountain and had the rest of the day and explored the town then hiked back to our B&B... To be Continued

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