Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonjour Paris!

After getting off the subway I was feeling awful but I was in heaven seeing Paris France all around me, the buildings the trees the French written everywhere. Mason and I looked at the closest map posted on a board along the sidewalk, we figured out how to get to our hotel from where we were and we set off. We both could not wait to take a nice shower and maybe a nap. We got to the street of our hotel and I was so excited it was such a cute little French street and so close to so many cool things. We went to check in at 10:30am and were told our room would not be ready until 2:00pm we were both so tired and gross feeling because it was warm in Paris and so the sweat didn't help either. But they stored our luggage for us and we set out to find lunch. I was pretty miserable at this point with my allergies and sore eyes, but I just kept trying to remind myself where we were and that helped. So we walked by some cool shops and found a good looking place called 'Pommes' it had sandwiches and quiches but the door was locked and it looked like no one was inside so we decided to wait and see if they would maybe come back because the keys were in the door, to kill time we walked to a park right by our hotel, it was so beautiful and green we sat on a bench under a row of trees and ate our chips we still had from Germany and Mason got us some water from a nearby McDonalds. We looked at our map we picked up from our hotel and looked at where we were and all the cool things around. We were so happy to be in Paris! While we sat there we heard children singing songs from a stage and it was so nice to just sit among the trees and listen and talk about what we were going to do while there. We decided to see if the lunch place was open but it was not; we were so hungry we just settled for a safe alternative Subway sandwiches. We decided to head back to the hotel and wait in the lobby, because it was still only 1pm but after sitting there for only about 10min they told us our room was ready! We got our key and took our luggage up in the tiny lift, only one could fit in at a time with one bag it was that small. We got into our room and it was so nice with a nice view of a small courtyard below we were on the 5th and top floor. We settled in and took showers, then decided instead of ruining our bedtime schedule we would go out for dinner and to explore. We found a great crepe stand, I got eggs and cheese and Mason got a three cheese Panini, then a Honey one for desert and two cokes. We walked to the Seine River and enjoyed them sitting by the edge. After we walked up from the river to Notre Dame, I was amazed it was so beautiful it looked like a painting against the blue sky. I could not believe I was there me Meaghan in Paris France with my husband Mason, it was a wonderful feeling. We walked around the outside and saw a bird man sitting on a bench covered in pigeons, I took a picture and he looked right at me and smiled. We then walked down the other side of the Seine towards the Louvre. We stopped and looked at some peoples stands on the sidewalk selling souvenirs. We got to The Louvre and walked into a courtyard area then through some arches where a man was playing a cello it was so pretty and on the other side you could see the glass pyramid and the Champs De Elysees. The sun was setting and it was a perfect picture. We then walked back towards our hotel and stopped and got me some medicine for what realized must be a really bad cold. We also found a small grocery store and got 2 huge waters. We got to our hotel relaxed and decided on what to do the next day. Then fell asleep.

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