Friday, June 12, 2009

More Germany

The next morning we woke up had our breakfast and set out to go take a tour of the two castles we walked to the ticketing building bought our tickets and started towards the first castle they call the parents castle or Hohenschwangau Castle. It is a yellow castle and the place where king Ludwig grew up in as his family's summer and hunting castle. But before we made it to the castle we stopped at a souvenir shop where i saw what I wanted from Germany a hand painted ballerina music box, I fell in love with it. We didn't get it then we decided to just head up to the castle, on our way up we stopped at a bench to look at the view, because our tickets have certain times for our tours and ours didn't start for a little bit. then we decided to continue up and went into a gift shop in the castle courtyard. Mason and i were looking at different things when I realized my black moleskin book i had been using as our money holder and with our tickets in it was not in either of our hands or bag. We both panicked and mason searched the gift shop and area and I ran down the steps to the bench , and there it was on the back of the bench i was so releaved! so then it was our tour time, we went into the castle and were not aloud to take pictures but our tour guide was fun and interesting and it had some really cool art in it and the views were amazing. next we headed up the other side of the mountain to the neuschwanstein castle which was the castle King Ludwig built for himself in the late 1800's which took 17 years to build, but he was only able to live there for 6 months before he died. on our way up we bought Savannah and Sienna some cute pencils made of wood from the black forest. it was a longer and harder hike then the first castle but was well worth it once we arrived at the top. We sat and ate our rolls and cheese with the view. then we headed up for our tour, again this was a huge beautiful castle with cool rooms and a big ballroom with a stage for performers. after that Mason and i found a shop where you got a mug a piece of cake and a coffee for 5euros so we did that and have a cool blue and gold mug now from the castle. we then hiked back down half way and stopped for a beer and a pretzel. Then hiked back up to go to a bridge across from the castle called Marien Brucke or Marys Bridge. I was so high up and scarier then i thought it would be because each plank under your feet would bend. we made it across then realized we had to go back across. then we found our own path alone to hike back down to the town and we were telling each other how much it looked like the little red riding hood place. When we made it down we decided to get me that Ballerina music box and I am so happy we did. Then we got fish & chips at a little shop and sat on the steps and ate. we tryed to call home that night and i talked to Becky and mason reached his mom to say a quick hello then it was back to our B&B....More to come

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