Monday, June 29, 2009

Paris day two...

We woke up pretty refreshed and ready to start our adventure. We had decided to go to the Catacombs. So first we went to the grocery store we had found and got some yogurt drink and fruit for breakfast. We then walked to the catacombs; we saw cool areas along the way. When we got there, there was a line and we waited to go in. we got discounted tickets because most places in France being 26 or younger is youth price :). We had to go down a lot of stairs and then through darkly lit tunnels and then we got to the bones. There was so many stacked up against the walls in such a neat way and different ways they stacked them, it was creepy but cool. It was hard to believe these were once real alive people. Mason and I each had to touch a scull, wouldn't you? Once through that we had to go up a lot of other stairs and it was tiring. When we came out it had taken us out to an area we didn't know, so we found our way back to the catacombs because Mason wanted to show me the crepe lady he met last time he was there with is family. But when we got there it was all closed down so we kept walking to find lunch. On our way we went into a few shops one with some cool posters and then a big bookstore, which reminded us of Strand in New York. We ended up eating at the same place but just a different one that we found the first day. 'Pommes'. It was good mason got a salmon and cheese baguette sandwich with a brownie for desert and I got a vegetarian quiche with chocolate cake for desert. Then we headed down to Notre Dame. We went inside and looked at all the cool architecture and stained glass windows. It was so pretty. When we got outside we noticed people walking up top and asked how we could go up there. We found it on the other side of the church a long line to buy tickets to the top so we got in line and waited. It was a lot of stairs up and first you stop at the mid area going between the two towers. It had amazing views from there! We got to see Quasimodo's Bell tower and that was really cool, you get to go inside and see the bell. Then you go up even more stairs and get to the very top of one of the towers, for even more amazing views. Then you get to walk down all those stairs. So by this time we were getting a good workout what with the catacombs and streets and Notre dame combined. Then we took the subway to the Eiffel Tower. We had some good dinner at the bottom of it and then got in line to buy our tickets to the top. The line was so long and by the time we got to buy our tickets the top level was sold out. Mason and I were very disappointed especially because Mason did not get to go to the top the first time he went to Paris with is family. So we got tickets for the second floor hoping the third would re-open. But no such luck we waited and waited and they closed it down because one of the elevators was broken. Mason and I went down to the cafe in the tower and watched the sunset it ended up being a nice evening. We got back on the subway and back to our hotel for the night.

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