Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Three Paris

Our third day is Paris we planned to head to the Louvre. So we got up got ready and went to our favorite crepe place for an early lunch, because the night before we had picked up chocolate muffins and a coffee drink for Mason so we just had breakfast in our hotel room. We both got the egg and cheese crepes this time and then a nutella & banana one for desert, which was so good. We walked to the Louvre, it was not to far from our hotel. We stopped on a bridge to look over the Seine River and enjoy the rest of our crepe. We made it to the Louvre and i was getting so excited. we went through a bag check and then into the museum. We bought our tickets, Mason wanted some coffee so we went to the cafe and he drank while I explored a near by gift shop. We decided to head to all the sculptures. It was amazing to be standing right in front of all these very very old beautiful works of art, so close you could see the cracks and details in each sculpture. then there it was my favorite one Cupid and psyche by Antonio Canova. Of course when you get to it there are groups of people around it but i got to get close enough and get a picture by it. mason and i had so much fun walking around looking at the art guessing why the artist chose to make things look a certain way. next we passed Winged Victory. then we headed for the Mona Lisa. Like people say it is smaller then you think and hard to see since there is a very thick piece of bullet proof glass between you and the painting not to mention its roped off so you cant get to close to it. And all the people always surrounding it. But of course it is nice to say i have stood in front of Leonardo Di vinci's Mona Lisa. there were many other cooler paintings in my opinion with no crowds around them so you could take your time to actually look at the canvas. We saw the Venus de Milo, which is so crazy how old it is that they don't even know the artist. Next we headed for Egyptian art, Mason and I love Egyptian art for one thing its usually the least crowded at museums, it is some of the oldest art there is, and it all very interesting. We got to see an actual mummy under glass, that was one of the coolest things. It was so crazy how intricate the mummy wrappings were. We also got to see the mid evil castle remains of which the louvre is built over. Mason loves that part and thought they should have re-built the castle instead of the Louvre. When we felt like we were done and hungry we left and walked through the back where the Champs De Elysees is and more sculptures. We decided to walk down to the Arc De Triomphe. It was farther then we thought, but we went past some cool stores. But mason and i both decided it was our least part of Paris because it was so much more shopping and tourists then the old buildings and areas of Paris. So we decided to take the metro back to our hotel because it was so far. So Mason figured out our path and we got on thinking we knew our stop. Well the train went for awhile then we got off, and realized we were in an unfamiliar place. Mason was confused cause he was sure he figured it out right and i was annoyed and tired. Mason felt bad but we just figured it out again and found our right stop. We went back to our hotel, put up our sore feet, and felt so lucky to be in Paris together.

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