Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paris Day Four

On our fourth and last full day in Paris we needed laundry desperately, so we looked up a laundromat which wasn't easy because they don't call them that in France. But we found one and woke up early to do laundry so we would have the rest of the day. Our walk was a little rainy but beautiful to a part of Paris we wouldn't have gone to if it wasn't for the laundry. We walked down cute classic Paris streets that were very narrow. We figured out the laundry machines and bought soap from the place and started our load. we walked around the little square it was in for a bit and found me a bathroom when I had to go really bad. We then got our finished laundry and decided to walk around the area a bit to look at the shops. We saw a restaurant that looked good so Mason said, lets eat here for lunch, because we hadn't eaten in a nicer restaurant yet. The food was not as good as we hoped for, at the beginning for a started Mason got French Onion soup which was very good and I got Escargot to try for the first time... I didn't like it at all. for our main meal I got mixed vegetable plate and mason got a fish dish, it was all a little more bland then we liked. Then for dessert I got Creme Brulee and mason an assorted cheese plate. They were both very good. We then walked down the streets and into some shops to finish up our souvenir shopping for everyone in our family's. We went into one with this very nice lady and we finished it all up there. Then we found a cute boutique with hand made wooden rings and I got one for Emily. I still had not got myself a souvenir from Paris when I saw this clothing store we went in and I tried on a couple of things and fell in love with two shirts, both with beautiful stitching. I was so happy to have found my Paris thing. We walked back to our hotel to change and drop off our laundry. Mason and i decided to take the train out to Versailles. It was an awesome adventure, we took the train to the last stop and got off. Mason and I were not sure which way to go but we stopped and got Mason some coffee and me a mcflurry. We asked a guy and he told us it was just down the street. I could not believe how big and bright it was and so much gold everywhere. We decided to just walk around the gardens, it was so bright outside though we could barley see, until we got away from the white gravel sand. The ground were amazing all the different areas to see and all the statues and sculptures. We walked around for awhile and took lots of pictures. We saw a restaurant right on the ground in what looked like it used to be a carriage house, it was called, La Flottille. It was so fun, we both got a glass of real champagne. For dinner Mason got spaghetti and I got a four cheese pizza which had a very strong cheese on it, I guess we were in France. after dinner we walked around a little more and then back to the train. When we got back to the city is was getting late we made our routine stop at the small grocery shop for our waters and snacks. It was sad to think of leaving such a beautiful place and that our honeymoon would soon be over. But we felt like we did everything we wanted to and we still had our stop over in Canada, and that was still exciting. The next morning we woke up already packed and ready to check out. We said goodbye to Paris as we walked to the train. It was a beautiful day when we left with a bright blue sky and a warm sun, a good way to remember it.

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