Monday, June 29, 2009

The Train

Our train to Paris finally arrived around 11pm we got on and found our compartment, it was cheaper to get a seat in a six car compartment rather then a sleeping cabin. When we got settled we realized how musty and gross it smelled and hoping we would be the only ones in our compartment so we could each lay out on the three seats. Soon my allergies started to act up and it was awful I started sneezing and my eyes swelled up, i was so miserable. We got lucky and no one else boarded the train and our compartment was still just us. so we finally both fell asleep, and at 2:00am we woke up to us stopping and some passengers getting on the train. A young guy came into our compartment. So by an unspoken agreement I laid out on three seats Mason laid on the floor and the guy laid out on the opposite three seats my allergies were still bothering me so I kept waking up having to blow my nose with my itchy swollen eyes. When morning came we started seeing the french country side and it was beautiful, cute french homes and architecture outside out window. the guy was very nice and gave me a package of tissues and Mason and I some water because we had run out. we got our things together as our train pulled into the station. we got off the train and feeling not fully rested and pretty dirty. we found the subway system and bought our tickets and Mason figured out how to get to our hotel.

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