Friday, September 18, 2009

My sister Emily

My sister Emily, I wanted to write this blog because I miss her so much and we have such good memories together. She is my blonde haired blue eyed sister. Every time we get together we laugh to hard and always have a great time. We have our stupid inside jokes and of course all those memories we had growing up together and sharing a room. Emily eventually wants to be a journalist, at least that's what I heard the last time I asked. And she wants to live in London one day or at least tour Europe, which I told her we have to do together :). I am excited for my baby to have such a cute fun aunt. (Becky you too I'm just writing about Emily right now) Emily has always been my cute little baby sister, I would try to carry her around even when she was 7 just playing around. I miss my sister Emily! I wish we lived closer but for now she is in Utah and I am here in California. I love how Emily loves to read because she always tells me cool books I would like. She is also a wonderful dancer although she hasn't danced since high school. I know this is a random blog about how much i love my sister but I have just been missing her and wanted her to know how much I love her. There is so much more about Emily but it would take to long to write. For Emily.


  1. aww meaghan, your going to make me cry! i really am that cool aren't i? No no, we are that cool! I Love you so so much!

  2. Your so cute meggie! I love how much you love your sister! I love you both!

  3. Hey I should write a blog about Emers too! Lets make it a foreward and see how many people we can get to pay a tribute to Em on their blogs. Just keedin. I Love you BOTH!!! Emily is totally the coolest, even if she does like freaky pictures of the Mad Hatter.