Friday, January 16, 2009

Utah, Fun in the ..Su..Snow

So I left Sunny LA to go to Snowy Utah. But I had so much fun! Mason's parents flew me and Lexi(his sister) and Savannah out there for about a week to visit and do some wedding stuff. I had such a nice time with his family and also being able to spend time with my mum. I got to go up to Park City with her and to Raw food for a family and it gave us a chance to just talk and cook together. and I enjoyed the time with Ben and just driving around and going out to lunch and going to the Japanese store and getting this cool drink with a marble in it. And I got to see Kaitlin and go to Denny's for breakfast with her and look at old pictures (haha). then have a day with the Ford's Just talking and hanging out. AND i found my wedding dress!! and I love it. It was so nice I was able to get it with My mom and future mother in-law. So here are a few pictures from my trip to UTAH!

Ben he is so cool!
Me & Kaitlin!
Outside my moms house^

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  1. I look like a drunken fool in that picture. But I love you just the same.