Friday, December 3, 2010

At the park

Today is such a beautiful day here in California so I decided to take Max out. So we took a walk to our nearby park.
He got to play in the sand for the first time and we swung while he watched the other kids play.

He was fascinated by the sand and loved rubbing it in his hands.

My handsome boy

After we played in the park, I laid out a blanket under a tree and we ate snacks, played the harmonica, and read books.
Max loves to put his fingers in the holes in "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". And eat the books.
We enjoyed some yummy snacks. And took in all the beautiful colours of the trees.
And then Max discovered my lens cap to my camera, and tried to eat it.
The trees around here are so pretty and so many different colours. That is one thing I love about living in California we get fall all winter pretty much. We can go to Utah and enjoy the snow but after we get to come back home and enjoy this:
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