Monday, December 13, 2010

Our weekend and an Army Christmas

Over the weekend we drove out to Mason's grandparents to go to Tresa's(Mason's sister) army Christmas party. We had a good time and I held a real gun for the first time, a Beretta M-19(I think?). I felt pretty cool. They served a lunch and had a band playing, and it was just nice to be there together hanging out.

While at Mason's grandparents we did a lot of laundry to get ready for Utah, and because it costs us to do laundry at our apartment.

We did a lot of pandora Christmas radio listening and watched all the Christmas specials, like The Office(which is just going further and further down hill), 30 Rock(not as good as the old seasons but still rooting for it), Modern Family(still not sure if we still want to keep watching this one, it started out so good the first season and has disappointed all this season) And best for last Community( Mason and I like this one the best) It was so great and I loved the stop motion animation for Christmas.

We took it easy on Sunday just hanging out at home. And Mason and Max had a nice morning together just laughing and hanging out. I folded all our laundry and now we are onto another week to get through. And then next week UTAH!!
How was your weekend?

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  1. Lovvvvin the pictures as always!
    TV shows, ahem... I love that you watched all the Christmas specials! I've always wanted to sit down and have a TV show Christmas marathon instead of a movie one. I totally agree with the Office, I don't watch it anymore. It ticks me off. I have never really gotten that into 30 Rock but I'm told that I should. I LOVE Modern Family, and I actually feel like Community is starting to get old. You guys still like it? Maybe I should be nicer and give it another chance. I LOVED it last season. And...I love you. Merry Christmas and can't wait to see you so soon!!!!

  2. Cute cute pictures Meaghan! I agree about the Office. Makes me sad. But I'll be seeing you soon and that makes me glad!