Friday, December 31, 2010

Arriving in Utah

We flew into Utah on Tuesday the 21st of December. When we got here I realized I forgot how cold it gets.

We went to claim our luggage and Max's car seat was missing. So we had to borrow one from Southwest. Which wasn't to bad, and we got to pick it up for a $50 travel voucher :).

So when we got there we stopped by Mason's parents to say hello and then met up with my sister Emily and our friend Lindsay, for Lindsay's birthday brunch. We were going to go to Eggs in the City but didn't realize they closed at 2pm(it was a very late brunch). So Emily suggested Blue Plate Diner. It was all very yummy and a fun place, to bad I didn't take any pictures.

After that we headed up to my moms house. She does Raw Food for a family in Park City so Emily helped her out with that while we hung out and talked. It was a very nice first day.
Emily and my mom being awesome.
Mason relaxing with Max in my moms room.
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  1. Happy New Year to you!!!!!!