Friday, December 10, 2010


I am so excited for Utah! For one I get to see these people:

And I love visiting home. Being at my moms house while she makes me yummy food. It is so cozy at my moms. She has informed me that her tree is up and all the Christmas stuff is out. I love having long talks with my mom and driving to Salt Lake and going to cute coffee shops together. I am also so excited to see my little sister Emily. We used to be inseparable growing up. And I miss that. I miss car rides listening to Death Cab For Cutie. Emily and I are going to go through all of our old toys and things at my moms, I love doing that and reminiscing about things.

I also get to go to brunch with our friend Lindsay for her birthday who I have known for like 14 years? yeah we go way back. Her family was pretty much mine and Emily's second family growing up. And we get to see all of them.

And I get to see my friends I grew up with, Stacy, Kaitlin, Hayley, Kyle, and Jo. Oh I am so excited to laugh with them and for them to meet my Maximus some of them for the first time! I can't believe this will be their first time meeting him and he is almost 9 months old. But we are going to watch our old crazy movies we used to make which should be a grand ol' time. I miss them so much

I get to see my brother's Josh and Ben, and Meggie, Ben's girlfriend. I am so excited!!

We get to see Mason's family who I love! We get to spend time at his parents and seeing his sister Alexis and her two girls Savannah and Seinna.

Oh I love Christmas and family.

Only 1 week and 3days!
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  1. Sounds really wonderful. :) Enjoy the time you spend with your momma!!!


  2. Oh Martha! Oh christmas!! Meaghan I love you! Truly I do! And I can't wait to spend time with you and your Maximus. I really am nervous for those movies though...
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wahooo!!!! Eeeee!! You are always the one to get us all together, I'm so glad. I love you Meg!