Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A day at the park

Yesterday was such a beautiful day(but very windy) so we decided to make our first trip of the year to the park.
I feel bad I don't take Max to the park as much as I should but now with Jack being older and the weather getting nicer I am going to try and take him often.
Mason was sweet and sat by the stroller while Jack slept in it. Since Max has not been to many parks he was so funny, he was so nervous to walk on the playground where you can see through the little holes on the platforms. So he would crawl everywhere or want me to hold his hand. It was so cute though how he would get kind of scared and say to me "scawy". He got more and more brave though and at the end went down the big twisty slide all by himself(on his belly)!
He was very sad to leave but I told him to say goodbye to the park and that we would be back soon.
By the time we got home he was sound asleep in the stroller, so I carried him up to his bed for a nap. What a great end to a nice trip to the park.
It was so nice to get out in the sun and only be wearing a light jacket.
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