Friday, March 9, 2012

Jack is 6 months!

My baby Jackamo is 1/2 way to a year already! I can't believe it, I already miss him being a newborn. But with 6 months comes lots of fun milestones.
Here are the ones Jack has achieved:

He can sit up!
although I am still a little nervous
leaving him without a soft pillow behind to catch him.

He has started eating baby food!
He has had rice cereal
banana &
Sweet potatoes
He still has not caught on to how to eat yet though.

He laughs so much!
Mostly at his big brother Max
and when mommy tickles him

He LOVES his daddy and Grandpa!
he will wrap his tiny arms around Mason's neck
and just hug him like that for a bit.
he loves it when either of them sing him pat-o-cake
or itsy bisty spider and help him do the actions.

He can grab and play with things!
he loves to sit on the floor and grab for things
of course he always wants things that are not toys
TV controllers
the iPad

He talks!
he babbles and makes the cutest little squeals.

I love this kid sooooo much. He is such a sweet heart and oh my gosh that smile of his gets me every time I just want to scream and squeeze him. He also has the cutest laugh. I love seeing my little guys personality come out more and more. And he is still very much a mommy's boy, he can't stay to long in someone's arms when I am in sight.
And I love it ;)

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  1. He's sooooo cute. He looks like a little cartoon. his cute little face and big eyes are adorable.

  2. I love him!!! He's the cutest, of that I am certain.

  3. Your boys are growing up so fast!! They are so handsome :)