Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twin Peaks

Mason and I have recently gotten into an old show called Twin Peaks. We just finished the first season and it draws you in so well. Its quirky and has its flaws but with the great characters, good story, and unique music you look past all the little flaws there are and just accept the quirkiness. I love getting into older shows because you don't have to wait forever for the next season, you can just watch it like one big long movie.

The story is about a teenage girl who gets murdered at the very beginning, so an F.B.I. agent, Agent Cooper (pictured below), comes to the town of Twin Peaks to help solve the murder. It gets so good with all the different characters and finding out who's who. It only went for 2 seasons and then they came out with a movie. So we are just waiting for the second season from Netflix. So if you need a fun, interesting, mystery show; start Twin Peaks.

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  1. It still sounds like a porno name to me! But you do recommend good shows. So i'll have to check it out!