Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catch up

So catching up a bit.
It was gorgeous weather on Thursday so Mason and I decided to get out of the house and go for a nice walk. I was craving donuts so we walked to Harmon's and got some, which were very satisfying. Then we walked to Scone Cutters because Harmon's did not have Mason's beloved chocolate bar doughnut. But since it was dinner time, we got a couple of veggie scone sandwiches and enjoyed eating them outside. Then we walked over to f.y.e and found tons of Simpson's season used and cheap, so we got season 6. We also got Tangled on blu-ray, which we had never seen before. It was so fun and I can't wait for more walks when the weather gets nice again.

Friday Mason got the day off and needed to practice the bass for that night, because the band he is in now asked him to play the second half of each set at Club 90. So Max and I just hung out and did some sidewalk chalk as seen below...

He does not get it yet, all he wants to do is put the chalk back into the box after I take it out. Then Max and I enjoyed an evening with my mom. It was so nice to hang out at her house and just talk. Then when she went to take us home at 10pm our power was out at our place. I didn't want to be home alone with my cell phone about to die, no power, and Mason not done with his show till 1am. So I just went back to my moms and tried to sleep till Mason was done. Mase picked us up at 1am and we headed home where the power was back on!

Saturday we just had a lazy day at home and Mase practiced a bit of the bass. Then we walked to Cafe Rio for dinner. When we were done it had started raining a little, so we bundled up Max in his stroller and walked home very fast. Mason went to play at club 90 again and had to drive home in the crazy snow storm that hit us that night. I cant wait for spring to really come.

So there is our last weekend and now its already the next weekend...I have been such a lazy blogger lately. I am determined to be more blogger active.

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  1. Meaghan did you totally love tangled?! I do! And okay, I know mason is your husband I'm just a pal, but I miss our fun walks! We used to just walk all over town checking things out! This post is making me miss you!