Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maximus is 6 months old!

My sweet baby boy is another month older and is the cutest funniest and sweetest baby. He laughs so much and has the cutest faces. Here are some things Max does at 6months:

-He grabs everything, and then puts it in his mouth.
-He babbles a lot
-He does this thing with his tongue like he is chewing it like gum, it is oh so cute.
-He loves his rice cereal and smacks his gums together when I feed him.
-He is so sweet and caresses my arm when I hold him.
-He loves to be held...all the time.
-He plays with toys more.
-He loves the beginning of the show Wonder Pets, like just the part when it shows the logo then when they sing 'The phone, the phone is ringing...' then he loses interest cause he is only 6 months old.
-He loves his farm book I read him every night.
-He has his favourite spots to go to, one is grabbing at the blinds while someone holds him, another is the fridge to try and grab stuff off of it and open it with my help, he also loves the mirrors in our apartment.
-He has to pretend to drink from my glass whenever I take a sip.(video below)
-He has stopped sleeping in his crib, I don't know why but as soon as I bring him into our bed he goes to sleep. So most nights he kicks Mason out of our bed. Hopefully we can change this soon.

Here is a video of Max "drinking" from a cup


  1. hahahaha. I love the intensity of him grabbing the cup. Super cute.

  2. Ha! I agree with Stacy, thats hillarious! And Meaghan! I didn't notice before now that he has dimples!! Gets it from both sides of the family I guess...;)

  3. I love all the pictures and his blue eyes- wow!

  4. Congratulations on getting him so far! He is a really happy baby and adorable to boot.