Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cell Phone Memories

I came across all my cell phone pictures from my old Sidekick and it brought back so many memories so I thought I would share some.

1. Kyle and I hanging out at the high school football field.
2. My new short haircut, just before I flew out to NYC.
3. My desk when I worked at MyeBiz as a customer service person.
4. Kneaders with Haley girl.
5. Jayden at Baskin Robbins after Haley's play
6. Emily and my mom at Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon in Salt Lake.
7. Emily and I at Starbucks that same time.
8. The bathroom in the Children's area at Strand Bookstore in NYC when I worked there.
9. Hanging out with Kyle.
10. Emily and Kyle before we did the Walk for MS(multiple sclerosis)
11. Staten Island Ferry going to work.
12. Jayden on my lap in Karlee's room.
13. Coney Island with Mason
14.First day in NYC in central park.
15. at the mall with Haley and Karlee.
16. Karlee at Haley's play.
17. Me and Emily waiting to see a movie, cant remember what one.
18. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when we told our parents I was moving out.
19. Emily on my bed at my apartment.
20. The Killers concert with Emily.
21. at the fair with Kyle riding the ferris wheel.
22. My mom and I out to dinner the night before I moved to NYC.
23. Emily and Kyle eating at McGrath's Fish House after the MS walk.
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  1. Oh how fun! I like #23. Did you fix it up? It's looks super cool!

  2. heheh oh man I miss those times from the pictures