Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Adventures

Friday night we headed down to Anaheim with Tresa to stay at a hotel with Mason's Parents who flew out from Utah for the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. Mason's dad had never been to California Adventures so they took us all on Saturday. We had such a great time, Max was such a good baby. He took three naps in the stroller and was so happy most of the time. It was nice to take it at a slow pace. They also have a great mother and baby area where I could feed and change Max. We got to do all the rides we wanted to and took Max on his first ride, the Carousal. He wasn't to sure at first but seemed to enjoy it once we got moving. We had a yummy dinner at the bread place, Clam Chowder Bread bowls. Max and I fed the ducks the rest of my bread bowl.

We stayed for the Wonderful World of Color. Before it started though they had two singers do a little show and it was to loud for Max so Mason and I took him into the closest gift shop. We saw a cute baby Mickey and it had a rattle inside and when we shook it for Max he got so happy! So of course we had to get it for him so we got the Donald Duck one. When the Wonderful World of Color started Max did pretty good but I could tell he was just exhausted, so we headed back to the hotel about 10 min into it. I thought Max would just zonk out because of how tired he was... but no he was so cute and happy when we got to the hotel then he just cried and cried for about a half hour. I felt so bad for the little guy that we had worn him out so much. The next morning Mason's parents got up at 4:30am, to run the 1/2 Marathon. Then we headed out to spend the rest of Sunday and Monday at Mason's grandparents.

It was a wonderful weekend with Family. And Max just LOVES his Grandma and Grandpa!

Figuring out where to go first.
Max chilling in his stroller
Lunch time

Getting on the carousal

Max not so sure at first
Happy boy at lunch
Paradise Pier
Mickey! He was the only character I really wanted to
have Max get his picture with for his first time

Max planning what to do next
Max and his (aunt) Tresa
Max and Grandma waiting for us while we went on Tower of Terror
I stayed with Max while they went on Grizzly Bear Rapids, I didn't want to get soaked like they did :)
Waiting to go on Soarin' over California

By the bread making tour, Max got a free Mickey Mouse sourdough bread for being so cute.
Max catching up on his reading at dinner
Tired at the end of the day
Max with his free Mickey bread
The toy his Grandpa got him
Max napping with his new Donald Duck

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