Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lake Powell 2014

relaxing early mornings with a warm cup of coffee
 Back in October we went to Lake Powell. Mason and I drove down with the kids and met his parents down there. Mason's brother Palmer and a few of his friends were there for the first half of the week with us and then it was just us and his parents. It was chilly and to cold to go swimming in the water, so we tried to entertain the kids on the beach and with games and activities. It was still so nice and relaxing being away from everything but a lot chillier then we are used to at Lake Powell. I don't think we will ever go again so late in the season but it was fun to experience it at least once. We ended up leaving early and stopping on the way home at a motel. It had a pool and Mason swam with Max and Jack, that was the highlight of the trip for them!
 Grandma kisses!
 These ducks came around the houseboat every morning and the boys loved throwing them food.
 naps: what Lake Powell is for
 Boat ride with grandpa and daddy
 Mason's brother and his friends set up a zip line from the rocks and would go across and jump in the water.
 Max and his Ninjago books

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