Monday, February 23, 2015

Good neighbors

 Oliver and Jack
 We lucked out when we bought our house and got some great neighbors. Our friends and neighbors Rachel and Jason have two of the cutest kids, Oliver and Suzette. Max and Jack are best Buds with Oliver and it is so fun  to watch them play and have adventures together. These pictures are from back in September when it was still warm enough to play outside with no pants on ;). 
We have already planned our first vacation together to Disneyland for Max's 5th birthday in March! We cannot wait to go with these awesome friends of ours.
We have decided if we ever move we have to move together.


  1. Aw so cute. Excited to see these little buddies in action!!!

  2. I'm with Jo, I'm excited to see more pictures of your besties next door! So glad you have favorite neighbors.