Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 Christmas was awesome this last year. I love the things Max and Jack are into so it made it that much more fun. Max asked for the Star Wars Rebel guys set for his Santa gift and Jack really wanted the cool Baymax action figure. And then some other little things like Lego's and stuff.
The only thing that was hard was Mason's whole family coming down with a cold/flu and so we ended up not going to his parents for Christmas Eve or Christmas day. I was pretty bummed because I though it would not feel like Christmas eve without doing all the traditions at his parents. But we decided to splurge and go out to Christmas Eve dinner at Bonsai(It is one of those restaurants where they cook in front of you) It was so good and the kids loved it. We got home, set out cookies and eggnog for Santa and the kids went to bed. Leon was our little elf while we set up Christmas.

 Santa Came!
 In our house the kids get to open up all their stocking presents, which has lots of toys and some candy from Santa. Then they get to play with all their stocking toys while Mason and I make a big breakfast. After breakfast we open all the under the tree gifts, including their BIG gift from Santa ;).
This year my sister Emily and my mom joined us for Breakfast and under the tree gifts.

 Scones, Bacon, and Sausage!
 bearing gifts!
 Tired parents faces
 Facetiming with my Brother Josh and his girlfriend in Canada
 Leon being super cute and excited for his gift

A little story about the picture below. Max got that gun from his Nonna(my mom) for Christmas but he already has one of them, I was afraid he would say something like, "I already have one of these..." but Max being the sweetheart he is instead said, so excited "cool now I have two! and now Jack and I can both be storm trooper guys!".
 He has his moments of being naughty and sometimes mean to his brother but goodness he has such a sweet sensitive heart.
 Jack got Baymax!
 Max got his guys!
 Since we didn't/couldn't go to Mason's parents for Christmas dinner we got Chinese food which turned out to be so fun!
The aftermath

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