Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 When Leon was only 2 months old we noticed he was having a reaction to something in my milk, as to not give all the yucky poopy details we found out he was having problems with me eating anything with dairy. He was not able to digest the casing in dairy and so it would hurt his tummy and make him have a sore bum and painful poops. We were glad to find out it was something as simple as just me needing to stop eating anything with dairy in it. He had also been so fussy up until we found out this dairy thing and after I changed my diet he changed so quickly to a happy baby. It goes away in babies at around 6-9 months and almost always at a year(I have just now started slowly letting myself eat a few things with dairy ingredients to see how it goes since Leon is now 8 months).
So cookies, yes I love cookies and it was a little hard at first trying to find any sweet treats  and dinners without any dairy in them. So my awesome sweet husband Mason looked up a good cookie recipe and started making me batches of cookies almost every week or even twice a week. He just uses a dairy free butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips and shazam! dairy free cookies! He has become quite the expert on the perfect cookie. He just started making oatmeal chocolate chip ones, and Oh my goodness they are delicious. The boys also love having fresh cookies around all of the time, so win win.

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