Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family Friday

me, the hostess

my sister-in-law Meggie

Jack kisses!

friend Lindsay and my sister Emily

My brother Ben with Jack and my brother Josh being a bum

my mother

Last Friday was an awesome day. I got to hang out with my sister Emily who was visiting from San Francisco, then we met up with our brothers to go ice skating. Being Canadian we start 'em young, It was so cute to watch little Max try to skate for the first time. Emily and Ben were sweet and took him around the whole rink holding his hands.  I tried to get Jack to stand on the ice in his little skates but he would have none of it. But it was worth it just to see how tiny skates they have.

In the evening my brothers wife joined us along with my mom. We got The Pie pizza(the best) and hung out playing Apples to Apples, which with my family playing games involves a lot of laughing and joke making. It turned out to be such a fun night with everyone. We don't get together nearly enough.
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  1. Love it! I miss you and your family! :( I wish we saw each other more.

  2. I love the picture of you in the kitchen and I love your hair!! Emily is also so so pretty.