Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We moved from our cute little yellow condo^

To our Beautiful new blue HOUSE!

It was crazy and we had more stuff then I realized, but we had so much help that we got it done in 2 trips in one day.
The Sunday after we moved was my Birthday. I turned...wait for it...26!
And my sweet mother brought me a Birthday cake.

The morning of my Birthday Mason usually makes me breakfast in bed, but since we were in a moving mess we went out to breakfast at Village Inn and it was so fun. Max thought the "Funny Faced Pancakes" were so cool.
We have slowly been getting everything unpacked and put in its new place.
The kids have been enjoying a little to much Curious George, it is my babysitter while I try to get the house put together.
The kids love the bigger areas to run around and they love having a porch to draw chalk on.

I will do a post of pictures when our house is a little more ready. We are almost there just some last boxes to sort through and pictures to hang.
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  1. What a beautiful life! Spending time on YOUR porch out on an autumn day! And I love that your mom got you a birthday cake, it looks delicious! So so excited about your new house, I can't wait for pictures of the final product!!

  2. Ummm did I miss you birthday??? Am I the worst!!? Happy happy birthday! I want to see pictures of your cute house, and I LOVE YOUR WOOD FLOORS.