Monday, October 15, 2012

Lake Powell


  We finally made it back to Lake Powell this year, Mason had not been for 6 years and I went to Lake Powell for the first time 7 years ago when Mason and I first dated and I had not been back since.

So we packed up his parents motor home with everyone and drove down to Lake Powell. Even though I had only been once I remembered how awesome it was and I was so excited to finally be back in that beautiful place. And it did not disappoint. Also while we were there Jack pretty much started walking.

We stayed for a whole week and Max LOVED it. He loved the water, loved the sand, and loved being around family. He would call the water noodles his "rocket ship". Jack loved being around everyone and the sand, but the water he was not so sure about. He was content just staying on the beach.
 Mason went water skiing, we had root-beer floats, we made smores, we found treasure on "Pirate Island" (we hid seashell necklaces and a map on a little beach Mason's dad found, for the kids), we took the boat and explored Annie's Canyon, we watched Winnie the Pooh way to much(we forgot any other kids movies), the kids ate way to much candy, we had dance party's, we built a sand castle, we went hiking, we ate a lot, we swam a lot, and it was awesome.

I Can't wait till we go back next year.
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  1. You are the coolest mom. I love Lake Powell, I think it is the perfect family getaway.

  2. Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog? :) I love lake powell and I am so jealous. And I LOVE all your pictures!! I agree with Kaity you are one cool mom :)