Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last Thursday we took off in the motor home with Mason's family, we drove all day and arrived in southern California to spend the weekend. We spent some time with Mason's Grandparents who live out in Moreno Valley. Then it was off to camp in the RV at The Dunes in Newport Beach.

The quick trip was for a reception for Mason's sister who got married back here. So Friday evening we got to The Dunes. My two sisters and my nephews and niece also came down from Northern California to see us and also give us my brothers computer to take back. It was so fun to spend all of Saturday with them. Since we didn't have a car and my sisters car only fit her family, we just hung around our camp area We played on the beach, played arcade games, and had a very adventurous ride on a bike car. It was so short but I am so glad we got to see them.
Saturday night was the reception on the beach. It turned out so nice, I wish we would have stayed longer but Max was tired and so were we so we headed back to the motor home early. But we heard that it was an awesome party and everyone danced till the very end.

So yes a very short trip (I wanted to see you JO!).
On our drive home it got pretty crazy, kids ready to not be stuck in a car and over tired. But we stopped at a Casino Buffet in Mesquite, the food was good and we ran into a famous clown also enjoying the buffet. The kids thought it was so cool and he gave Max and Savannah a postcard of him when they went and said hi(he was a non talking clown also). Max was so overtired and was being so funny, running over to the clown with his postcard pointing out and saying "this is you!" it was pretty cute.
So till next time California (and I will see you Jo...and Disneyland).

Jonah pushing Jack, they are so cute with Jack

Me and my Analynn, I miss her already!

Max's two sides of cousins

Me sisteer Emily!

Jumping Jonah Jahosafat 

Jumping Isaiah

Jumping Analynn the ninja

On our way home stopping for a break
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