Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grand Cayman Islands (part 1)

Finally after being back for almost 2 weeks I am getting around to blogging about our trip to the Cayman Islands. It. was. awesome.

Mason's sister had decided on a destination wedding in the Grand Cayman's and Mason's awesome parents flew us and all of his siblings out there. We stayed at a resort on the East end of Grand Cayman called The Reef. It was nice and more secluded from the other big resorts closer to the airport and the tourist shopping town. All our meals were taken care of, all we had to do was go sit down and order. The staff there was so sweet and fell in love with Max and Jack,  and they loved the attention. There is such a relaxed laid back kind of feeling on the Island, like ordering food would take awhile. You would sit down wait for the waiter, order and it would take a little while for it to arrive. At first we were a little annoyed but once you get used to it and how its just all a slower pace it forced us all to just sit and relax and talk. We also were able to order any type of soda or smoothie throughout the day. Max was always asking for a strawberry smoothie and I discovered the raspberry smoothie to late, our second to last night there.

Mason, the kids, and I all had our own suite with a full size kitchen and living room. We all ended up sleeping in the huge king size bed together.

We spent our days in our swimsuits, lounging on the beach or in the pool. The third day there we took a bus out to a place called Sting Ray City. From there we got on a boat and headed out to where there are lots of Sting Rays. I got to hold squid in my hand and they sucked it right out of it, they just brush up against your legs in the water, it was pretty cool, a little scary but mostly cool. Max was so excited to touch one, I am so glad he wasn't to scared. That is what he still talks about " mommy, my touch sting-way"
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  1. That is amazing!!!! Jealous!!! Wwwa take me with you next time! :)

  2. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. WOW!! That's gorgeous. I'm glad you got to get away.