Monday, July 23, 2012



After we got back from the Cayman Islands we were so excited to see if there had been any progress on our house. We were disappointed when we went and it was the same as when we left...just our foundation done. I guess the framers got behind were late starting on our house(they are also working on 2 other behind us and a new one next to us). So we waited a few days and when we went our basement was all framed! Then a few more days..the main floor! Now the whole upstairs is up and the roof. after they frame they start on the inside and windows.

Mason and I always make an excuse to go see our house. We love measuring stuff out and thinking where things will go. And Max loves going too, he points out where "daddy's office" is and everything. We are trying to let him know we are moving soon and saying goodbye to our house that we live in now. He laughs and says "you kidding" haha no we are not kidding my buddy. But I think he will be pretty good with moving.

So when our builders called us for an update on the progress they gave us a new rough end date of September 17th-20th. They said they would know better the end of this week. only 2 weeks longer then what we thought so not to bad.

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  1. So exciting! It's going to be so nice to have your own place.

  2. Wow! So cool. Makes me want to build a house!

  3. This is so great! You can celebrate your birthday in your new home!! And I love that you're going to have a front porch. Lucky woman.