Monday, August 6, 2012

Grand Cayman Islands: the end (part 3)


The next day after the wedding we relaxed, fed the fish off the dock, built sand castles, and swam. On Sunday we headed out to the Pirate Caves. The Cayman Islands were a main hub for pirates to stay and stash their loot. They have found lots of buried dubloons back from when the pirates were on the island. Max was so excited to see the pirate caves. 

When we got there it was so very hot but we tried to ignore it and keep Max and Jack hydrated. The place where the actual pirate caves are has a little shop and then is also a place where they keep animals. So before we went down in the cave we were shown around by the best tour guide, he was the owners son and was only about 12. He was so good at telling us things about the animals. 

There was an actual grave in the cave but they don't know who is buried there but on the coffin it says "We Are" kinda creepy and cool. When our little tour guide took us down in the cave he said we could go farther in but we would have to crawl. Mason and I opted out but Mason's dad, brother, sister, and her fiance decided to crawl further in to the cave. 
They came out muddy and with treasure in hand. They were aloud to dig for things and found an old coke can and some big bones. The owner said the bones were probably from boars that used to live in the caves.

The last night we were there we all sat around and had dinner together and talked for awhile. while we were at dinner Mason's uncle found a crab and picked it up to show all the kids. It was a good way to end such an amazing vacation.
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