Thursday, June 28, 2012

the drive-in

Saturday night we went to see Brave at the drive-in movie theater by us. We thought since we would have the whole back of our van to lay down in the kids would just watch the movie and fall asleep. Silly us. 

We got our popcorn, red vines, and icee and got comfortable in the back. Because it was 9:30pm when the movie started Jack was crazy tired so he just laughed at everything and tried to eat popcorn that fell on the floor of the van. It was pretty cute though during the movie when the bear would growl jack would make growling noises. 

Max was pretty good, but something scared him at the beginning(we have no clue what) and so he would not look at the screen and said, "go home" and sat in his car seat and asked Mason to buckle him in. 

But finally Mason got Max to be ok with being there and I put Jack in his car seat, where he fell asleep. Then the three of us laid in the back to watch the rest of the movie.

Over all it was a really fun night. we didn't get to stay for the second movie, which was The Avengers, but it was just a fun different thing we never do and it made it feel more like summer. the popcorn and candy were worth it, and hearing Jack do a cute baby growl. I am excited to try it again.
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  1. Perfect family outing. I would love to see Avengers in a drive in!

  2. Of fun meags! Also what did you think of Brave? I went and saw it with Josh, Becky and her family, Michelle, Hudson and Katrina...Analynn and Isaiah got a bit scared of the bear. But I had no idea that the movie was like her, Irish, you need to get married, hey, your mom's a bear now.

    1. Yeah I wanted it to bee so much better!

  3. This post makes me want to go to a drive in soo badly! Looks like a ton of fun.