Friday, June 15, 2012

My Aunt Ginny's

Before Emily left us for San Francisco, her, my mom, and I and the boys went up to my Aunt Ginny's in Wellsville, UT. It is so pretty up there and Ginny always feeds us a hardy meal. She even had a late Birthday present for Max and an early one for Jack, that won Max over. Max also loved the horses, and petted one for the first time. Emily and I frolicked around and made flower crowns. It was such a nice visit. I forget how beautiful Utah is sometimes.

Jack does not enjoy grass touching his feet
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  1. A crown of flowers for Emily in San Francisco! Please don't let her join the hippies on Haight and Ashbury, I just don't think my little heart could handle it. Also, did you cut your hair? You tiny pony tail is so cute!