Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Birthday

I turned 25 September 30th. last Friday. I love my birthday because Mason always goes out of his way to make it so special. Like my first birthday I had while we were together(my 21st) he got me an ipod and took me to Tavern on the Green for dinner...yeah I am lucky.

And every year he makes me breakfast in bed, my choice. This year I chose waffles with strawberries. It was so good even though a little Max child ate most of my strawberries...but he was so cute doing it pointing to each one and saying "yeah?". Then we headed to my choice for lunch Kneaders, I love their veggie avocado on focaccia bread(extra kneaders sauce).

Later on we dropped off Max at Mason's sisters, we are so lucky we have her. It was so nice to have the evening to ourselves(and Jack). We went to dinner at Tsunami and it was delicious. then we headed to a movie. We had bought tickets for Drive but when we went to hand the tickets to the lady taking them she informed us no children under 10 were aloud in rated R movies after 6pm. So we looked to see what movie we could catch before 9 and decided on The Help. I had read the book so I was excited to see it, plus I like Emma Stone. It was good and Jack was so great during it, not one peep. I just had to feed him once, but it was nice because we had the whole front section to ourselves.

So another wonderful birthday over, till next year.

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  1. That sounds like a perfect day! Have I ever told you how much I love Mason for loving you so much? He's so wonderful. And The Help!!! I LOOOOOOOOVED it!!