Monday, September 5, 2011


Mason's mom and Jack
During my stay in the hospital it was so nice to have family drop by. We had Mason's mom there for the birth, along with my mom and sister Emily. Later in the day Mason's sister came to see us with Max and Mason's cousin that was visiting from Iowa. Max didn't care much about the baby but he loved when he realized the cradle Jack was in could roll. I think Max was just confused. That night Emily came back with her boyfriend Colin. We are so lucky for Mason's family who watched Max all day that day and half of the next day. I got to go home early cause everything checked out fine. It was so nice to only have to spend one night in the hospital.

My mom

Max meeting Jack for the first time

Jack's Aunt Lexi(Mason's sister)

Colin & Emily
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  1. Oh that's all so sweet! I'm glad you got to have your two mommies there AND Emers! But...why does the sign in Jack's crib say "Davis"? Please tell me they didn't switch babies on you! Make sure you ask that baby if he's even really Jack.

  2. haha, It says Davis cause that is his pediatricians name.