Friday, September 16, 2011

Maximus: 18 months

My sweet baby boy is 18 months tomorrow, a year and a half already! Max is my first born and such a sweetheart. He has been such a cute big brother to Jack, he likes to kiss him and rub his belly when he crys or is getting his diaper changed. Max lately has become a little more whiny though and I think it is the whole new baby thing. But actually it only lasted a week or so because he seems to be his normal self again.
Max is such a sensitive little guy, if you get mad at him for touching something he feels really bad and gets a big lip but try's to hold back his tears, and I just have to cuddle him and then he breaks down. It is sad but the cutest thing.
He loves LOVES watching Toy Story 2 he probably watches it too much. It is the only movie he will sit and watch the whole thing of. He is also really into pretend playing, he likes to take care of his stuffed animals or play at grandma's with the little play kitchen. He will pretend to cook things and serve them.
He still is not talking a whole lot he babbles things and says, "mamama" and "dad" and if you ask him any question he always says "yeah", I love it. It is nice he says yeah all the time instead of no. Mason and I have fun asking him random questions and hearing his sweet voice respond with "yeah" and when he is sad I will ask if he wants to watch Toy Story or something and he stops crying and says "ah Yeah" Its so cute I just want to squeeze him.

I love my Maximus so much I can't stand it, he holds a special part of my heart.

Watching Toy Story(its serious business)

My sleepy boy
Being a good big brother

his whiny face
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  1. He's so cute Meg. You have an amazing little family. I love looking at your cute pictures.

  2. I love when little kids say "yeah!" Oh my goodness it is the cutest thing! And I love that he doesn't say no much because that is not the cutest thing. Also, I love the chair Max is sitting in when hes watching Toy Story 2.