Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jack's Birth

Monday night(August 29th) after enjoying a wonderful dinner with Mason's family at The Spaghetti Factory, Mason and I put Max to bed. After watching our nighty dose of Mad Men we went to bed. I woke up to mild contractions at 2am, Mason and I started keeping track of them. At 3:30am we decided to start calling family. Mason's dad came over to watch Max and Mason's mom met us at the hospital, along with my sister Emily and my mom. I got checked in and was having pretty strong contractions about 5 min apart. They decided to admit me at about 8am. I loved all my nurses especially the last one while I was giving birth she was awesome. They broke my water at around 9:30am or so and then it was the crazy labor part :). But I pushed for only about 15min and there was my sweet Jack!
Born at 10:47am
On August 30th, 2011
weighing 7lbs 11oz
and 21 inches long

My Doctor was so great and I loved having the support of my mom, Mason's mom and Emily, and of course Mason. I am so happy and feel so lucky to have my healthy, sweet, adorable, baby boy here. Now enjoy some more pictures while I snuggle my Jack.

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  1. Aww, he's gorgeous! I know Max is gonna love him. Congrat,s you two!


  2. Meaghan I'm so proud of you! You are such a wonderful mother, and so brave! I love you so much and I can't wait to see you and hold that precious baby!

  3. Yayyyyy congrats Meaghan, he is so cute! I feel like I was just barely at your baby shower for Max, now there are 2 babies I need to meet!!! I need to see you soon. Hope you are feeling well and that everything is going good with your little fam.

  4. Congratulations Meghan! He's just so precious. I love the picture of you holding him in a little bundle on your chest. That is my absolute favorite way to hold my babies.

  5. CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to meet this little guy! He sure is cute!