Friday, July 5, 2013

Canada Day


I think my husband said it best:
Canada Day: a day where they courageously, and politely, enacted the British North American Act. Where they cried with one heart and mind "LET FREEDOM RING BY BEING PASSED THROUGH THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS"

In all seriousness, I am very proud to be married to a Canadian and to have half Canadian children. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Being Canadian I couldn't go without celebrating Canada Day. And since my kids are half Canadian they need to learn about the cool country their mommy comes from :).
So for July 1st we invited Mason's family over for a Canada day BBQ. It turned out really fun and the kids had a blast. I just need to get a Canadian flag for next year to proudly hang. 
Miss you Canada, my home land.
{Jack fell back in his chair and hit his head so I gave him some frozen mango's to put on his head, he thought it was pretty cool}
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