Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Hogle Zoo

Friday was such a beautiful day Mason's mom took us to the Zoo along with Mason's sister Lexi and her two girls, Savannah and Sienna.
We had so much fun. We packed a lunch and ate there then just took our time looking at each animal. Max got excited running around in the reptile house. We ended the day riding the train around the Zoo and eating ice cream cones, it was perfect.
Sienna and Mason in front of the little Monkeys

Me and Max

The Tiger was right up against the glass and all Max was interested in was the waterfall in the cage

Sienna and her favorite animal, a Tiger


Max enjoying his wagon ride with aunt Lexi

End of the day tired
Siennah, Mary(Mason's mom) Savannah, & Lexi on the train

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  1. Oh what a fun outing!! The tiger was so close! How lucky!

  2. Fun! I love those pictures of Max on the train, haha he's such a little man!