Thursday, February 3, 2011

The move

We have moved, from sunny California to cold Utah. And we are loving it. I love being close to family and our new house is so cozy.

Friday January 29th Mason's parents came out and we loaded up the moving truck all day, Then drove to his grandparents for the night. The next day Max and I flew out to Utah.
I was nervous flying alone with him again, but he was AWESOME! The first flight he was cute and happy, although very squirmy. I could tell he just needed to fall asleep. We had a layover in Phoenix. Which when I got off I had time to go to the bathroom(which isn't very easy traveling with a baby and no stroller...) and then they announced that our flight was boarding. The second flight Max just fell asleep after we took off and slept the entire flight. It was great.
Max and I spent the night at Mason's parents. Then Sunday Mason and his parents arrived with the truck.
We moved all our stuff in Monday. And had a nice dinner at Spaghetti Factory with Mason's family.
So now we just keep unpacking, which is going to take awhile...

So yes we are now Utahans again.

Maximus sitting in our old apartment watching baby Einstein.

Max in his new room(he has his own now!) playing with his train set

grabbing books to read(in his new room)
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  1. Hooray for Utah!!! I sure love it there. And I hope this means we'll be able to play when I come home to visit!

  2. Yayyy Utahns!! Once you're settled in, we all want to come visit you. Keep us posted!! Love ya Meggie Moo!

  3. Once a Utahan, always a Utahan. Welcome Home Meggie!!

  4. We need to house visit, you see mine and i'll see yours

  5. I hope you guys enjoy your new life in Utah!!! Hope we get to see you guys again soon! :)