Monday, February 21, 2011

New shoes for Max and a space for me

On Saturday Mason and I headed out to Ikea for lunch and some shopping. We went to get me a desk where I can do all my projects and painting and stuff. SO we enjoyed a yummy lunch and then found me the perfect desk and chair, well we got two desks and put them together so I would have more space. so at the end of our shopping Mason went to get the car for Max and I. Then I got a call that our back right tire was completely flat. Thank goodness for family so close, Mason's parents came to our rescue. We changed to a spare and drove to a car shop.
So on Sunday we took it in for them to finish some things up, and to pass the time we walked around the mall. We figure Max needs some shoes for when he starts walking around this summer so we got him a couple of pairs to start him out...He has such chubby wide feet we had to go with the wider skater shoes.
He looks so adorable in them, but is still not so sure of them.

And now I present my work space...

I love it so much I have all my things within reach. It is up in our loft in our master bedroom. We also have the desktop computer and desk all set up and Mason's music stuff, AND a mini fridge with yummy stuff soon to be in it. Poor Mason got 5 blisters from putting the legs on both desks, all because he loves me :).

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A picture of me and my little sister Emily I love
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  1. Bah!!! Awesome!! I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff, your area is like a little peice of heaven, and I am jealous.