Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bringing in 2011

For New Years Eve we spent it over at Mason's sister Lexi's house. We watched the countdown in times square, ate pizza, and other yummy treats. We tried to put Max to sleep in their office, which he did sleep for an hour. But when he woke up at 11pm we decided it would be best to head back over to Masons parents to get him to bed and spend the rest of the night just the three of us. When we got there Max stayed up with us and we counted down to midnight together. We spent the first second of the new year in a family hug, and a kiss between me and Mason :).
We had a very eventful wonderful year(more on that later) And I look forward to what this year will bring, including MOVING TO UTAH. Yep that's right, you read that right. We decided for different reasons but mainly family and a better social life. So that will be a big change.

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  1. Gosh, Meaghan, your blog is always so cute. Great pictures too. I love your 2011 crown

  2. YAY!!! Utah Utah UTAH!!! That means that whenever I go home we'll be able to get together right?! I can't wait! I think this is a wise move.

  3. Congrats on the Utah move. I'm sure the family will be excited to have you close by.

  4. Back home in Utah, that is sooo cool. You'll have loads of family and friends around.
    Happy New Year!