Friday, January 7, 2011

Boxing day

For Boxing day all my Family that was in Utah got together at my moms. Max and I started out our day playing with his new toys...

Mason and I also ran some last minute errands for everyone. Ben and Meggie were there along with Emily and Colin, Josh, and my mom. And of course Mason, Maximus and I. We had a yummy dinner of Vegan Black Bean soup and a sandwich bar, which was sooooooo good. Ben and Meggie brought some delicious vegan bread for the sandwiches and it was probably some of the best bread I have ever had. We all sat around and talked and laughed. We gave out gifts to each other. Ben and Meggie made us all our own boxes filled with vegan treats, one of the best presents ever. You can see what was in them on Meggie and Ben's blog. We also gave out our last minute gifts we got everyone.
After we were all full Everyone left to go see Black Swan, while Mason and I put Max to bed and watched Anchor Man together while enjoying a late night sandwich.

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  1. Yum! Those sandwiches were so good... I want one right now!

  2. Meggie Moo!! You're moving to Utah?! Please blog about that! Maybe you already did, I must go check now. I love all your pictures.