Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Clothes for the Max

So yesterday Mason dropped me off at the mall before he headed back up to work after we had a nice lunch at home together. We have a really nice big mall right near us. I walked around for awhile and of course just spent the time looking at baby clothes. I went in to the store Naartjie where I always seem to find something cute because I feel like they have more unique things. I love looking at their sale stuff because they have the cutest t-shirts that are usually only around $5.99 on sale. I ended up getting him two shirts and a hat. Whenever I buy clothes for him I just imagine holding him and it makes me so excited! While I was sitting waiting for Tresa a cleaning lady came up to me and asked me when I was due, I told her and she told me about her grand daughter who just gave birth naturally and wished me good luck. She was really sweet. Now that I am so big you could not mistake me for not being pregnant a lot more people will ask me when I'm due and say congrats more, I like it.

Then I met up with Mason's sister Tresa(she walked there from seeing a movie) and we walked around a bit then walked home. So here are the adorable shirts and hat I got for Max:

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