Thursday, February 18, 2010

36 weeks and 5 days

I am almost at 37 weeks, so only about 3 weeks and 2 days till our little Max is due! I am getting so anxious and excited. I feel a lot more pregnant and pressure, and I feel like a waddle everywhere now :) Max is still moving a lot doing little waves in my tummy once and awhile and poking out his little limbs. Mason and I have been to 2 classes already at our hospital one on Breastfeeding, which I love how our hospital is all about 100% Breast feeding. Then one about Labor and Delivery which I already new most of it but it made me a little nervous but as long as I keep thinking I get to see my little baby boy after going through it I don't care what I have to do. We also got to take a tour of the hospital, that made us both really excited. The hospital I will deliver in is really nice and close to us so I love it. we only have 3 more doctors appt. till he is due! I am also excited for my baby shower out here in California on Saturday, hopefully we will get some more stuff we need and then we can get the rest and be fully ready to bring him home.

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  1. Oh my GEESH! Meaghan you're almost there, so exciting girl! Can't wait to see pictures of the cute guy once he arrives :)