Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

I cannot believe how close it is. That we will be having our baby next month! I have put away all his clothes(still need to wash them). We are so ready for our little Max to be born. I keep looking at all his little clothes and cant wait till I am holding him. There are a few things we still need to get before we are totally ready. But I do have a baby shower coming up next weekend so I'm sure that will help. I can feel him moving in my belly and he feels more and more like a little baby, feeling his limbs move and little pokes from him. I feel so pregnant right now I cant believe I just get bigger till I deliver. Here are some pictures of the things we have ready for him...


  1. SO ADOR! You have the cutest little fam! Love ya girl :)

  2. Oh Meagskis! He's coming!!! Way to be prepared! I can't wait to meet the little darling.