Monday, June 30, 2014

Leon Timothy

Leon Timothy
June 20th, 2014
6lbs 10oz
20inches long

At my 40week appointment when my doctor went to check Leon's heartbeat it sounded different, slower. Just when I was about to ask if that was ok my doctor said "that's a little too slow, I am going to send you downstairs just to be safe". His heartbeat was at 100bpm when it is usually at 135bpm. Mason and I were both scared for our little guy and just wanted to make sure everything was ok. So we went down to Labor and Delivery to monitor his heart and check the amniotic fluid. After being monitored for an hour everything checked out fine and his heart rate came back up and the fluid looked good. After that scare my doctor sent us in for non stress tests every other day, where I get hooked up to monitor his heart for a half an hour. We did the first one the following day and he looked great the whole time. We went back on Friday the 20th and they noticed when I would have a small contraction Leon's heart rate would drop. So the nurse called my doctor, she came right in and talked to us and explained that our best option was to head down to labor and delivery and get induced. Because his heart rate would drop with a contraction she worried going longer he may not be able to handle the stress of delivery.
We were excited/nervous and just wanted everything to be ok with our little Leon. I got all checked in and they started me on Pitocin at around 5:00pm. After about an hour the doctor came and broke my water
I had already decided to go natural like I did with both Max and Jack, being induced was different and a lot harder with my water broken because it made the contractions more intense. I wanted the nurse to check me because the contractions were getting really intense, I was only at a 5. It was frustrating but a moved to my other side during a bad contraction and felt a lot of pressure and then the contraction were one on top of another, the nurse(she was awesome) checked me and I was at a 8! I was so relieved to hear that. I asked if  I could start pushing because it just kept getting more and more intense but the nurse said "I don't want to catch a baby!" The doctor showed up quickly and when I asked her if I could push she said go ahead, two pushes and there was our handsome little Leon! The cord was wrapped around his neck twice and then over his shoulder and around his waist. So that explained the whole heart rate dropping, and it was so good I got induced so he didn't get any bigger with that cord like that. When they put him on my chest I couldn't believe how tiny he was.
I just felt so lucky, happy, and relieved to have my sweet baby boy in my arms FINALLY!

We love you our little Leon baby.


  1. Thanks for sharing your birth story! You are an amazing and strong Mom!!

  2. I know your experience wasn't short and sweet, but this writing of it sure was! It doesn't seem like you were in labor all that long, though, but I'm sure with the pain it sure felt like it!

  3. Congratulations Meaghan! You are a champ!!! Leon is perfect!