Friday, January 27, 2012

Television show recommendations

I hardly ever watch television but I like to get into shows on Netflix once in awhile, so here are a few I have started and LOVE.

Downton Abbey
Sunday nights on PBS

I know this show is huge right now and is in its second season but I was late getting into it. I finally started the first season on Netflix and loved it right away.
It is about the Grantham household and their house staff during the start of WWI. It is so cool to see how a huge estate was run back then and how the staff all worked. And all the drama is great. They have so many strong characters, which makes it so much better then a lot of other shows out there right now. It also has such a beautiful beginning song. If you have not already started this show do it. I love Mary & Matthew! Anna & Mr. Bates, Ah this is such a good show!

United States of Tara
on Showtime
Mason and I started watching this show awhile back waiting for it to come out on Netflix, all the seasons are now on Netflix instant view.
This show is so good and the cast makes this show so awesome. It is all about Tara who has a multiple personality disorder. She has three different personality's she goes in and out of at first. Theres Buck, the Vietnam vet., Alice the mom from the '50's, and T the rebellious teen. They add more throughout the show and Toni Collette, who plays Tara, is so great at all of them. The show is about how she and her family deal with her disease. It is on Showtime so it has swearing and some sexual stuff in it, but it is such a good well written show. It is written by Diablo Coty who is such a great writer, she also wrote the movie Juno, Steven Spielberg had the idea and got her to write it. So if you are in need of a good, entertaining, quality show to start, start this one.

On Netflix instant View

Ok I know this is WAY old but when I saw it on instant view I decided to give it a shot. I would watch this while Mason put Max to bed or while Mason had a show with his band. And sometimes Mason would join me which was really fun cause we would joke around about it cause he knew the ending. I got so addicted. I love Keri Russell. It's like Gossip Girl of the '90's(I have never watched Gossip Girl but my two sisters are obsessed). I fell in love with all the characters and its set in the best city New York! I also loved when I watched it I had no idea who she would choose, Ben, Noel, Ben, Noel...So that made it more fun. So if you are in the mood to start a new(old), dramatic, college days, fun(kinda cheesy) show watch this one.

AHH I love them all

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  1. LOVE the new blog look!! It looks so good Meaghan! And thank you for the recommendations, I am a huge Netflix junky and watch it while I work, and have been running out of things to see!

  2. Downtown Abbey!! I have never even heard of it! I don't watch T.V. either, but it takes place in one of my favorite of all FAVORITE time periods for fashion!! WWI!! AAAAAAAHHHHH I just got chills! If it is really done well like you say, I am SO on this!

    P.S. New blog look is adorable.