Monday, February 24, 2014

Catching up: Halloween 2013

 I have been so lazy with blogging lately, I guess pregnancy will do that to you. So here is our Halloween...from last year:
Max and Jack were pirates, I used the costumes my mom made for my brothers back in 1980 something. They felt pretty cool in their costumes and with there mustaches.
We started out Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with our awesome neighbors. They have the cutest little boy, Oliver who Max and Jack love to play with. We got plenty of treats and then headed over to Mason's parents for our traditional pumpkin dinner with his family. We took the kids around their neighborhood with their cousins. Max only lasted for a little while before I took him back to hang out with his grandma and grandpa and daddy. Jack would have stayed out the whole night, he was having a blast pretending to fight people with his sword and then "dying" by laying on the ground. It was a perfect Halloween night.

 Max, Oliver, and Jack. They didn't feel like looking at the camera

 trick-or-treating in their grandparents neighborhood

 He was pretending to be dead

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