Monday, June 10, 2013

New York City: Day 3

I am taking way to long to post these but I have to finish them before I do a different post.So day three...

We spent the whole morning at the conference together. For lunch we walked towards our hotel and stopped at Cosi to eat, I had missed their tuna melts! Jack fell asleep in the stroller on our way to lunch so Mason headed back to the convention center and I headed to our hotel to give Jack a good nap(and me too). After Jack woke up and we relaxed watching some cartoons we headed out to the closest Gap to get me a hooded jacket(something I thought I had packed but couldn't find).
Mason met us on the corner by the 1 train to head up to 112th to go to Tom's Restaurant for dinner.

Mason and I used to go up there all the time for a cheap yummy dinners and we LOVE Riverside Park, and the cathedral. It was so awesome to get off that stop, come out of the subway and feel like we never left. Everything was so familiar to us. We walked to the Cathedral and went into Book Culture to get me a new mug. We walked to the park before we lost the light. It was really neat to go back to the exact playground we first went to when I was visiting and it was there we first talked about me moving out, it is also the place after I had moved out and lived there for awhile Mason and I unofficially got engaged. So a pretty special area for us. Jack loved the swings, and for a second I dreamed and thought  "we could do this again, live in New York" Jack would love all the pigeons and that's a good enough reason right? We had a nice dinner talking and reminiscing. A good end to our third day in our old city.
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